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Thursday, October 2, 2014


Take banana (small types) or cucumber several times a day.
Chew a clove.
Take small piece of jaggery.
Chew piece of Haritaki after meals.
Chew mint leaves after meals.
Smell or chew garlic.
Slowly chew an Amla (gooseberry).
Chew a small piece of jaggery three or four times a day.
Chew the seeds of a cardamom and a clove together after taking meals.
Take a glass of milk, with a little ghee added to it at night.
Take milk two or three times daily if you already have developed ulcer in the digestive tract.
Take a glass of hot water and put a tsp of aniseed in it, leave it overnight. Add a tsp honey to the water and drink it.
Drink a tender coconut’s water and eat the fruity pulp.


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